Research Summaries


The University of Queensland Study of Physical and Psychological Outcomes for Claimants with Minor and Moderate Injuries Following a Road Traffic Crash (UQ Support): Design and Methods.

Authors: Kenardy J, Heron-Delaney M, Bellamy N, Sterling M, Connelly L.



Low Pain Catastrophization and Disability Predict Successful Outcome to Radiofrequency Neurotomy in Individuals with Chronic Whiplash.

Authors: Smith A D, Jull G A, Schneider G M, Frizzell B, Hooper R A, Sterling M M.



Breaking Traditions of Practice: Workforce Challenges in Implementing Disability Services Standards Within Purpose-Built Accommodation For Younger Adults.

Authors: Crozier M, Muenchberger H, Ehrlich C.



Benchmarking Road Traffic Safety Across OECD Countries: A Distance Function Approach.

Authors: Nghiem HS, Connelly LB.
Publisher: (2015) Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (JTEP).



Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Web-based Intervention to Prevent Posttraumatic Stress in Children Following Medical Events.

Authors: Kassam-Adams N, Marsac ML, Kohser KL, Kenardy J, March S, Winston FK.
Publisher: (2015) Journal of Paediatric Psychology.



Effect of Mental Health and Long-Term Disability after Road Traffic Crash: Results from the UQ Support Study.

Authors: Kenardy J, Heron-Delaney M, Warren J, Brown EA.
Publisher: (2015) Achieves of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 96(3): 410-417.



The Rapid and Progressive Degeneration of the Cervical Multifidus in Whiplash: An MRI Study of Fatty Infiltration.

Authors: Elliott J M, Courtney M, Rademaker A, Pinto D, Sterling M, Parrish T.
Publisher: (2015). in SPINE, 40(12), pp. 694-700. Wolters Kluwer Health.



The Critical Role of Community-Based Micro Grants for Disability Aids and Equipment: Results from a Needs Analysis (Muenchberger).

Authors: Muenchberger H, Ehrlich C, Parekh S, Crozier M.



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