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This teacher training package has been developed as part of the Queensland Government response to the Queensland Natural Disasters. Teachers are in a unique position to identify children who are experiencing difficulties following a natural disaster because of their role, expertise, and extended contact with children. However, every young person reacts differently to a traumatic event so it is not always clear what types of reactions they will display, or how the event might affect them in the longer-term. This training package is therefore designed to assist teachers in becoming more attuned to identifying emotional and behavioural difficulties in their students following a traumatic event and provides information on what they can do to prevent the likelihood of children developing long-term adverse reactions. Key outcomes of the training include:

Making the post-disaster classroom experience more attuned to recovery and better social, behavioural and academic outcomes for all children.
Improved awareness of appropriate channels for referral that will assist teacher confidence in managing these potentially difficult situations and lead to better outcomes.
Increasing teacher's awareness of their own needs and how to better manage their responses under these unusual and potentially demanding work conditions.

An overview of the training is as follows.

Section 1: Trauma reactions in Children

Section 2: Role of Teachers

Section 3: Children who require further assistance.


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