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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Resource

This resource has been developed in association with the Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health. Comparing available treatments, the site also provides a brief definition of PTSD, outlines symptoms that may be experienced, discusses how it may affect the individual and their relationships, and provides information on current research and useful resources associated with PTSD. To access the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Evidence Based Information Resource click here

Accident Bookletimage2 112x108

This booklet has been developed for parents of children who have been in an accident. It provides information for parents about how children are likely to react to an accident, how long these reactions may last and ways in which they can help their child cope with the accident.

To download this booklet click here.

drawings17edited 83x167Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Booklet

This booklet has been developed to provide information about mild traumatic brain injury to parents. It covers areas such as the common symptoms of a mild head injury, possible long term effects, common parental responses, information about returning to school or sporting commitments, coping strategies, and suggestions as to how parents can help their child recover.

To download this booklet click here.


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